Full Delivery & Set Up Service


Do you wish you can clone yourself and be at two places at once?

You wonder if there is somehow a way you can get ready for your event but also sneak off to the event location to set up and make sure everything is running smoothly?


We know the struggle... how do you enjoy the days leading up to your event and the day of the event itself when you somehow have to organise someone to pick up your cake, your flowers, the decorations and all the different bits and pieces from different vendors while still finding the time to get ready!?


Are you scared that you'll show up and items will be put in the wrong place and it just won't look like how you wanted it to?


Maybe you've got items that need to be moved to multiple locations throughout the day and you're not sure how you're going to get this done!


You know where everything goes but you just need someone with attention to detail, and the time to bring your vision to life!


You've spent up to thousands on your event and it's important that you can enjoy it and have a stress free day, week and even month!


So what's the answer?


Well some couples will opt for getting a family member or friend to do this, which is great but they may not be able to replicate your vision or have the time so!


Some couples pay multiple vendors to deliver and set up their items separately which is NOT cost effective and also results in items being set up separately without anyone responsible for overlooking how they all fit together! 


So what's the alternative?


Here at CDS we offer a complete delivery and set up service for people like you who don't need a stylist, know what they want and what goes where but they just need someone who is organised, has great attention to detail, has a large vehicle, can get everything there and create your vision on time and without any errors!


We can even add a full on-the-day coordination for you if it works within your budget!


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we'd love to hear from you!


**If you wish to have us deliver and/or set up JUST the items you are hiring from us then please go through our general booking request process.




  • An initial meeting with you and a second meeting a few weeks before the event
  • Coordinating with all vendors regarding when we can pick up and return all the items 
  • Coordinating with the venue regarding set up and pack down times
  • Creating a timeline of the day for pick ups and setting up to ensure everything is in the right place at the right time
  • Picking up all the items required from all the different vendors and delivering and setting them all up where they need to be
  • If you require items to be moved again to a different location we will return to do this for you 
  • After the event we will also return to pack down everything and return them to where they need to go
  • We can even add general on the day coordination if your budget allows for it which would include things outside of decorations set up such as attending your rehearsal, doing an onsite visit of your venues, coordinating entire timetable for the day, arrival times, making sure everyone is where they need to be etc. 


If this sounds like something you're interested in and you want our help to deliver and set up items from different vendors and potentially at multiple locations please continue reading below:




1. Fill out the contact form below.

2. We will reach out by phone or email to have a chat and see what you need and where we can fit in.
3. We'll need to know the following details before we can give you a quote:
  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Type of event
  • Location(s) of event
  • Date & time of event
  • List of all the vendors you need us to pick items up from
  • The list of items that you need us to pick up & set up
  • How and where you would like us to set everything up?
  • Do we need to deliver and set up at multiple locations? e.g. ceremony then different reception venue
  • Do you also need general on the day coordination?
  • Plus anything else that may be useful

 *Note without all this information we can still give you a rough estimate but it won't be 100% accurate until we have this information


4. We'll then send through a quote via email with how much it will cost which will depend on the following:

  • Distance required to travel
  • Time required to travel and set up everything
  • The size and weight of the items 
  • The type of transportation required (dependent on size and weight of items)
  • The number of people required for this service
  • If you require general on the day coordination


5. Once you're happy with the quote we will need a 50% deposit with the remainder to be paid 3 weeks before the event. If you are not wanting to continue with us please let us know as soon as possible.


6. 3 weeks before the event we will have another catch up (either by phone or preferrably in person) to go over all the fine details and create a timeline of the day.


7. We will then get in contact with all the vendors and organise everything ourselves


8. We will show up on the required day and do our thing while you relax and enjoy the event you have worked so hard to bring to life!


Again if this sounds like you we would love to hear from you below and see how we can help! :)


Please fill in as much detail as possible to prevent delayed back and forths!